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During your Discovery Gateway STEAM-Guided Field Trip participate in a facilitated activity in our private Workshop room that utilizes dramatic play and creative movement, and introduces students to people and places around the world. Each workshop is designed to meet Utah’s Core Curriculum. Download our Field Trip Brochure or see descriptions below.

Capacity: 15-120 students

Time: 30 minutes (included in your 2 hour visit)


Story Time (Preschool) Children will listen to a short story and perform a hands-on activity designed to get them on their feet!

Rhythms of the World (Grades K-5) Students exercise creative thinking and movement skills through play:

Ghana (Grades K-2) Learn about the West African Country of Ghana while singing a song in a native language called Akan.

Caribbean (Grades 3-5) Practice teamwork skills by learning a Caribbean work song and writing verses.


Financial Literacy (Grade K-5) Students will build financial literacy skills by learning the value of coins and understanding the differences between wants vs. needs.


Plant Cycle Yoga (Grades K-2) Students will root down, sprout up, grow tall, and discover the life cycle of a plant. This wiggle-friendly workshop uses gross-motor movements to mimic the journey from seed to plant.

The Essential Role of Bees (Grades K-5) Discovery Gateway’s Utah Family Farm activity will help your students understand the vital role bees play in the production of hundreds of specialty crops grown on more than 15,000 farms in Utah!

Simple Machines (Grades K-5) Students will explore Discovery Gateway‘s simple machines, such as planes, pulleys, levers, wedges, and screws, and then apply them to real life use.

Rockin’ Roller Coaster (Grades 3-4) What makes roller coasters so much fun? Is it the length, the height, or the speed? Students will investigate by conducting fun roller coaster science experiments while exploring gravity and motion.

Reaction Time (Grade 5) The Reaction Time workshop covers Standard I of the fifth-grade science core-matter, physical changes, and chemical reactions while providing students with an exciting hands-on lab experience. Note: this is a 3 HOUR TRIP with a 45 minute assembly and a 30 minute lab.

Critter Scene Investigation (Grades 5-6) Solve a mystery! Students learn about animal adaptations, discover evidence, and develop hypothesis with hands-on materials.


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