Discovery Gateway Employee Highlight

At Discovery Gateway, we believe that education can be experienced in fun, new ways. That’s why we need educators like Laura Howell, who knows how to bring a classroom to life through hands-on activities!

Laura Howell is the Early Childhood Educator at Discovery Gateway. She teaches a variety of subjects including music, writing, art, science, and financial literacy. Her classes are held Monday through Friday in the Curiosity Shop! Laura comes from an afterschool teaching background and has worked at the museum for about one year. Prior to her American teaching experience, she taught English in China and fell in love with it. She is a student at the University of Utah studying education and linguistics and plans to move abroad to teach English as a Foreign Language once she graduates. She loves language and enjoys learning about American Sign Language which she plans to incorporate into more of her lessons. She is excited to start learning Japanese this fall!

Laura’s favorite things to teach are Earth sciences, art history, and writing (which for young kids mostly means talking while drawing). Her lessons are heavily centered around asking questions; she both asks and answers a lot of them. She believes that curiosity is what sparks creativity in children and invites questions to be asked and discussed at any point in her classes—even if it’s right in the middle of storytime!

Laura also loves to dress up. You may have seen her disguised as Princess Anna, Daisy-Head Mayzie, or a Jurassic Park ranger at the museum (she also loves dinosaurs... like, really loves them). When she’s not at work she enjoys drawing, camping, reading, and eating caprese.

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