Discovery Gateway Employee Highlight

Did you know? Discovery Gateway offers incredible Educational Outreach programs to schools all across Utah. Programs including Field Trips to the museum, Potential Energy for kindergartners, and Reaction Time for 5th graders complement classroom learning by helping students develop creative thinking and problem solving skills. Our programs align with Utah State Core Curriculum in art, science, social studies and more!
This month, we are proud to highlight one of our outstanding Outreach Educators, Justina Bonaventura. Justina just celebrated her one year anniversary at Discovery Gateway. Read more about Justina below and if you are interested in learning more about or signing up for one of our Outreach programs, click here!

What Outreach program do you work in/which is your favorite?
I spent the majority of last year working with our fifth grade Reaction Time program, a couple months working with the kindergarten Potential Energy program and the summer helping with our field trip program. I think the kindergarten program has been my favorite out of the three because kindergarteners have such a unique way of thinking about things and give such candid responses to questions.

What is your favorite thing about your job?
Visiting so many schools and towns all over Utah, it’s great when the kids really get into the experiments and you leave them inspired to learn more science.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I do lots of hiking and camping, also try do to as much art as possible.

What is your teaching philosophy?
The energy and attitude you bring to a group of students is often what you will get back from them. Don’t underestimate their ability to explore complex concepts and take on responsibilities. Nothing is going to go exactly as planned when working with kids so find ways to embrace the chaos and turn it into something positive.

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