Make a Friendship Bracelet!

This week we celebrated the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. at Discovery Gateway! It was a great day filled with inspiring speeches, activities and crafts that helped children to learn the importance of acceptance, understanding, and compassion!

Materials Needed:

  • 2 – 6 Different colors of String
  • Tape

Once you have chosen all of the colors that you may want, just follow these steps to make a fun bracelet! You can even keep going to make a fun hair tie, anklet, and even necklace! Your child can make these with their friends for lasting memories!

Knot all the strands together, leaving thread at the top (you will use it to tie the bracelet together)
Select the order you want the color blocks to appear
Separate your first thread from the others. Keep all the other strands together
Take the separate thread, and make it into a loop that crosses over the other threads (still bunched together). It should resemble a “4”.
Put the separate thread through the loop, and pull the knot to the top.
Make 4-6 more of these 4 knots, you should have a band of color.
Repeat, using separate threads in the order you want color blocks to appear. Remember to tie the same amount of knots for each color
When the bracelet is long enough, tie it off and knot it together!

For a visual tutorial click here!