Make a Hover Craft!

The month of July is all about space! This time we are going to make something that is fun for the whole family! Using simple materials, you can make your own hover crafts!

Materials Needed:

  • CD’s
  • Flip top spout from a water bottle
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Balloon
  • Hot glue gun

After getting all the necessary supplies, use scissors to cut the flip-top off the bottle top. Take out your sandpaper and use it to roughen the circumference of the narrow opening of the bottle top. Place a bead of glue around the circumference of the narrow opening of the bottle top. Glue along the circumference of the wide opening of the bottle top. Press the bottle top onto the center of the CD or DVD – centered over the disk opening. Add glue along the circumference of where the bottle top meets the disk to ensure an air-tight seal. Allow all the glue to cool completely

Next, make sure the bottle top is open and fill up your balloon! Stretch the balloon over the spout and let the air rush out! This will make the CD float on a cushion of air and will be able to move easily around the table!

This is a great craft that will only take a few minutes to put together! Once the balloon is empty, fill it up for more fun! Challenge each other to see who has the fastest hover craft!