Painting during Make a Mini Book project


Make a Mini Book
Ages 5 and up

 To celebrate the PBS Kids Writers Contest, we are going to be making our own mini-journals. The theme of the writing contest this year is the great outdoors, and what better way to capture your stories and pictures about nature than this tiny journal. It is perfect for taking on adventures, and made out of recycled materials. 



  • Piece of cardboard (tip: a box flap works perfect)
  • 1 piece of paper (printer paper works fine)
  • Optional: yarn or string 


  1. Decorate your cardboard 
  2. Cut your piece of cardboard so that you have 2 pieces, each about 5 x 3 inches  
  3. Cut your pieces of paper in half 
  4. Fold paper accordion style width wise, dividing the paper into 3 equal parts (each part will be about 4 inches by 2 inches)
  5. Glue the paper together by attaching the end pieces. 
  6. Now you should have a long strip of paper
  7. Optional: glue string to the undecorated side of your cardboard pieces
  8. Glue either end of long paper strip to a piece of cardboard. Glue on top of string
  9. Let dry 
  10. Get out into nature and record your thoughts!

More Fun

  • Need some outdoor writing inspiration? Check out this list of great children’s books that make kids want to explore.