Girl hearing sound through flowers

Sound Scavenger Hunt

Ages 6 and up 


It is almost time for another Concert from the Couch! We are so excited to welcome back Your Song, My Song for another fabulous concert on April 9 at 6:30 pm on the Discovery Gateway Facebook Page. Before the concert, we thought it would be awesome to get to know the band a little bit better through a sound scavenger hunt. Check out the video here. 

After you have seen the recording, you can create a sound scavenger hunt of your own. This can be a great activity because it invites us to rely on on sense of sound. It might be helpful to close your eyes and really listen as you try to locate different sounds. Even after this fun game is finished you might find yourself noticing more of the everyday sounds by you. 


  • Cell phone or other sound recording device 
  • Nature


  1. Have one person go into a familiar place and let them record some sounds
  2. When they have recorded some sounds, have them return and share the audio files. Can the other person guess what it is? 
  3. Take turns recording and guessing sounds

More Fun 

The Mundi Project and Your Song My Song are teaching a special puppet making class right before the concert! Register for the FREE class here or come to the museum to make a puppet in our Curiosity Shop! Either way, you will be ready for the concert on Friday at 6:30 pm!