Ada Lovelace Day Coding Bracelet
For ages 4 and up

Ada Lovelace is one of the earliest computer scientists. She lived in the 1800’s. Along with her mentor Charles Babbage, she went on to write the first design for a computer. She is an excellent early example of women in STEM.

Each year, Ada Lovelace Day celebrates women who work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  This bracelet is a fun STEAM activity that helps kids about how computers use patterns and language to function. By using beads to represent binary, activities like computer programming can seem more accessible.


  • Pony Beads in 3 different colors
  • Binary Letter Chart
  • Thread or Pipe Cleaners


  1. Look at the binary chart and find the letters for your name hint: Bracelets are short, so if you have a long name you might need to use a nickname or make a cool necklace
  2. Decide which color will represent 1 and which color will represent 0. Pick a third color to represent spaces
  3. Using the chart, create your name by recreating the pattern of 1’s and 0’s that make up each letter. Use the spacer bead between each letter.


More Fun:

  • Let’s learn more about Ada here!

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