Marigold Flowers and Garland
Fun for all ages

Diwali is a Hindu celebration of light. As we continue our celebration of Diwali (see the video above talking about how to celebrate Diwali with your family) we are going to be making marigold flowers to decorate.  During Diwali, people use marigolds to decorate because of the color and the scent. The bright smell is believed to help improve mood, and the vibrant color brings good luck.

Even though we are making pretend marigolds, the bright colors are sure to brighten up your house.  These flowers are easy for all ages to make and be a great opportunity to gather together and work on a garland together with your kids. We hope you have fun celebrating Diwali with your family this weekend!



  • 6 sheets of tissue paper-4 x 6 inches (yellow and orange are the traditional colors)
  • Pipe cleaner


  1. Stack sheets of tissue paper on top of each other so they are lined up
  2. Fold accordion style
  3. Wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around the middle of the folded paper
  4. Carefully peel each layer of paper up from either side so that it is separate from the other papers
  5. Flatten and fluff each layer of tissue paper
  6. Bring the other end of the pipe cleaner up to the bottom of the flower, and twist it around the stem of the flower, leaving a small loop



  • String or ribbon


  1. Run string or yarn through the loops of pipe cleaner
  2. Adjust flowers, and pipe cleaner as needed on the garland

More Fun

  • Make Rangoli sidewalk art!
  • Mandalas are a common design that appears in Asia. During Diwali, these designs are often featured as part of the chalk art with lighted lanterns that decorate sidewalks. They can also be a great opportunity to teach kids about math concepts like symmetry. Learn about Mandalas here

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