Earth Balloon Painting

Let’s paint a picture of our planet, as seen from space! This activity is a great way to try painting with some different materials. The half-filled balloons present a fun challenge and lets your child play with the shapes that the balloon makes on the paper. The round shape of the Earth works well with the circular “brush strokes” of the balloon. Scroll down for the Spanish version!


• 2 balloons
• Green paint
• Blue Paint
• Paper


1. Blow up both balloons half-way
2. Dip one balloon in blue paint
3. Dip the other balloon in green paint
4. Use the balloons to make images of the earth by combining the blue and green
5. Make sure to throw used balloons away in the trash when finished

More Fun:

• Draw the planet Earth with a marker onto a balloon while it is still completely deflated. Blow up the balloon. What happened to your drawing?
• Try painting the whole solar system using balloons