Ghost Rocks
All Ages

Boo! It’s that spooky time of year again. As the days get shorter, it can seem like creepy things are lurking in the shadows, but here’s an activity that makes it fun and silly to look for ghost shapes.

Rocks can be the perfect shape for ghosts and can be a fun way to engage in descriptive language and storytelling, which are great literacy skills! By having kids describe what kind of ghost their rock is, why the ghost is making a certain facial expression, and other narrative details they can have an opportunity to practice storytelling. Best of all, this activity is an easy one for all ages! So, let’s get started making some Boo-tiful masterpieces!


  • Rocks
  • White Paint
  • Black paint or markers


  1. Find some rocks in some fun and ghostly shapes
  2. Paint the rocks white
  3. Let the white paint dry
  4. Add a face with black marker or paint
  5. Tell everyone why the ghost looks like they do?

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