Heart Shaped Glasses
Ages 4 and up

Happy February! This month we are celebrating Valentine’s Day with our pals at Friends For Sight.  Friends for Sight’s mission is to Save Sight and Change Lives. They do this by providing free screenings, helping people of all ages and backgrounds access quality eye care, and disseminating information about eye safety, threats to vision, and available community resources. Check out their website to find out information about the resources they offer close to your house, including free eye screening for kids.



  • Glasses Print-out on cardstock (recommended) or printer paper
  • Red Cellophane
  • Glue
  • Scissors



  1. Cut out all parts of the print-out- this will result in 2 frames and 2 “arms” (the part that go over your ears
  2. Cut out the heart “windows” of the glasses you will look out of
  3. Cut out 2 pieces of cellophane, make sure the cellophane is the a little bigger than the squares you just cut out
  4. Take one of the frames, and glue the 2 cellophane squares on it
  5. Look at the arms, there is a curved part that will go over your ears and a flat square part that will attach to the frames, fold the flat square part a couple centimeters in, so that you can glue it to the frames. After you fold it, hold it up to you ear and make sure it will fit well. Younger children might want to make a bigger fold so that the curved part fits their ear better.
  6. Also glue the ear parts on this piece.
  7. Let dry 15 minutes
  8. Glue the other glasses piece on top
  9. Let dry 30 minutes
  10. Make sure glue is completely dry and then wear!


More Fun

Its Black History Month! Each of our STEAM Learning Labs this month will highlight an important figure in Black History. Today we are talking about Daniel Hale Williams. Williams was born in 1858 and performed the world’s first successful heart surgery! Learn more here.