High Tide – Low Tide
Recommended for kids of all ages

Just because we don’t live by the beach doesn’t mean we can’t pretend! Build up your vocabulary and act like an underwater animal in this fun “Simon Says”—style game.


  • A play-space, either inside or outside with two ends marked


  1. Designate one end of the game space as “high tide” and one end as “low tide.” Inform kids that everyone time you yell “high tide” they must run to that end, and every time you yell “low tide” they must go to the other end.
  2. During the game, you may also yell out animal names. When you do, kids must do a certain action that imitates the animal. Some examples include:
    • Starfish – All kids lay on the floor and spread their arms and legs out like a star
    • Sea Cucumber – Kids pretend to throw up (sea cucumbers discharge their guts as a defense)
    • Crab – Kids squat and walk sideways like a crab
    • Barnacle – Kids ball up like a sealed barnacle
    • Anemone – Kids stand with their arms spread like the “flower” of the anemone.
  3. The game continues as long as you want to play it. Add in animals slowly to make the game harder as you keep playing.

More Fun

  • Want to learn more about the crazy creatures that inhabit tidal zones? Check out ThoughtCo’s info sheet for all sorts of fun facts!
  • Add in new habitats and animals for a fresh twist. Some possibilities include:
    • Peaks & Valleys (Mountains)
      • Moose – Kids make antlers and charge forward
      • Bear – Kids pretend to hibernate or sleep
      • Golden Eagle – Kids spread their wings and soar
    • Canopy and Forest Floor (Rainforests)
      • Monkey – Kids scratch their head and armpit in classic monkey form
      • Tree Frog – Kids hop around the ground
      • Banana Slug – Kids lie on the floor and move like an inchworm.
    • Have other ideas? Share them with us (in the comments section?)


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