STEAM Learning Lab – Kwanzaa Wreath

Kwanzaa Wreath
Ages 2 and up with an adult

Happy Kwanzaa! Kwanzaa begins on Dec 26th and goes until January 1st. We are excited to work with our partners to get some great ideas for celebrating! To learn more about the seven principles and hear some great storytelling, check out the video!

We are going to be focusing on one of the seven symbols of Kwanzaa, the Muhindi, or corn. By decorating with corn, we can show our dedication to children. The children within a community are an important part of Kwanzaa because they represent the future. Traditionally, families decorate with one ear of corn for each child in the family. Households without children may place one ear to represent all the children in the community. This corn wreath is a great way to celebrate Kwanzaa.


  • Printer Paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paint, in the colors of kernels of corn
  • Green or yellow tissue paper
  • Paint brush
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Thick paper plate
  • Scissors


  1. Cut the middle section out of the paper plate using sharp scissors. You now have a ring. Flip upside down.
  2. Apply paint to the bubble wrap (adding paint to the bumpy side), in the colors of corn kernels. This is a great step for kids! Paint can overlap and be applied thickly
  3. Push bubble wrap, paint side down, onto white paper. Let dry
  4. Tear strips of tissue paper into 1-2 inch-wide strips. Let children gently twist and crumple
  5. Cut corn shaped ovals out of dried white paper (fun tip: have each family member make 1 or 2 ears and then put them all together to form the wreath!)
  6. Glue corn pieces onto plate ring, leaving about ½ between each corn
  7. Add tissue paper around your corn shapes, twisting it and forming a U shape. Glue around each corn
  8. Let plate dry 1-2 hours and hang up

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