Leaf Dragonflies
Ages 2 and older

Today we are going to use fallen leaves to make art! While our tutorial is going to focus on using leaves to make a dragonfly, different leaf shapes can be used to make a lot of different animals. This activity is great for the whole family because both younger and older children can find it challenging and enjoyable!

For Younger Children:  This is a great chance to talk about shapes in the natural world! While a lot of leaves will have a shape that is outside the list they may be used to, this is a great opportunity to talk about what shape a leaf is similar to or what part of a leaf resembles a shape(for example, the end of a pointy leaf might look like a triangle). Comparing different leaves is also a great way to look at how their shapes are different.

For older children: Expand the discussion to include some tree identification. For example, check out this simple chart here to get started. Once kids can identify trees by their leaves, have them notice features in the bark, branch shapes, etc.


  • 2 large, long oval leaves
  • 2 small, long oval leaves
  • 1 branch
  • Glue
  • Paper


  1. Go out and find your leaves and branches-for this project we used long oval leaves because they resemble dragonfly wings
  2. Optional: Do you want your picture to last for a long time? You should preserve your leaves before you glue them. Either press in a heavy book for 1-2 weeks (wrap leaves in a paper towel first) or cover the leaves in wax or Modge Podge before starting
  3. Assemble your dragonfly shape. Place everything on the paper before you glue it down
  4. Glue down you shape

More Fun:

  1. It can be fun to go out into nature with an animal in mind and search for leaves that will be good for making this animal. This can make the search for the right leaves an interesting scavenger hunt
  2. Another approach is to look at leaves you have already collected and make an animal out of that. How can different leaves make up an animal? Maybe you can find an interesting animal online that will work perfectly with your leaves.

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