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Let's Vote! Election2020
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Voting is an important part of being an American. While only people ages 18 and older can vote, it is important for children to learn about the voting process and feel excited about their opportunity to vote someday.

The popular Elephant and Piggie books, by Mo Willems, showcase two friends who can still get along when they have a difference of opinion, and are great to read with your children. During our mock election, we want to stress that the American party system does best when both sides show courtesy and kindness to those they don’t agree with. It's a great time to talk with children about how they can politely disagree with someone who thinks differently than them, and also to promote tactics for how to have a friendly conversation with someone who thinks differently then they do.

Each month, from July-November, Discovery Gateway and our partner Alpha Kappa Alpha will offer a fun election activity to teach kids about the political process. These projects will also be a great opportunity for families to talk about politics. This month we will focus on voter registration. Fill out this free printable voter registration card for your children to fill out and use our handy tips to tell them about how people registered to vote!



  1. Cut out the voter registration card
  2. Fill out the name-Discuss with your children about how we use our name when we go to the ballot box to vote. This is an important part of ensuring that each person gets one vote!
  3. Fill out the birth date - Explain that only people age 18 and older can vote. This is because you need to be mature and prepared for voting. Getting to vote is  an exciting thing we get to participate in when we become an adult. Tell your child about the first time you voted.
  4. Fill out the address - Voting happens at a local level. Discuss with your children why local politics are so important.
  5. Utah and some other states have rules surrounding political parties and voting. If you want to vote in some primaries, you have to belong to a certain political party. This can be an interesting thing to talk about with your child.
  6. Draw and color in your picture-just for fun!
  7. Uh-oh-realize you need to register? Click here!

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