No-mess Masterpiece
For all ages

This fun activity comes to you today from our partners at Ronald McDonald House, who’s mission is to surround families with the support they need to be near and care for their seriously ill or injured children. They are always doing lots of fun things at Ronald McDonald House to keep the children and families staying there in good spirits. Kids love to paint Paint, but it can be messy. This activity uses plastic wrap to create a clean version of finger painting. This activity is also sensory friendly and can allow children to feel the sensation of wet paint while staying clean. The paint will stay wet under the plastic wrap for a couple of hours, so feel free to work on the project throughout the day!


  • Plastic wrap
  • Paint in at least 2 colors
  • Paper
  • Spoon(optional)


  1. Take your paper and put it on a surface you don’t mind getting messy, or put a layer of plastic wrap behind it
  2. Place blotches of paint all over the paper, either by pouring directly from the container, or spooning paint onto paper
  3. Cover with plastic wrap
  4. Use your hands to move the paint beneath the plastic wrap, creating a picture
  5. When your picture is done, peel plastic wrap from paper and allow to dry

More Fun:

  • This type of painting is a great way to experiment with non-figurative or abstract art. Show your kids some works by Mary Lovelace O’Neal, Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollack. How does their painting resemble the styles of these other artists?
  • Maybe your child prefers figurative art? Impressionists like Paul Cezanne, Cecilia Beaux or Vincent Van Gogh demonstrate how images can be made without clean brush strokes. Look these artist up online and have a little gallery stroll from our couch!