Paper Stars
Ages 2 and up

Happy Solstice! Were you able to have the chance to go stargazing? This is especially fun this year because of a rare astronomical event nicknamed “The Christmas Star.” For the first time in 400 years, Saturn and Jupiter will appear to align in the night sky. Of course, the planets are still very far away from each other in space, but they will appear to almost be touching. NASA recommends that, for best viewing of this phenomenon, people go outside about 45 minutes after the sun has set

In honor of this once in a lifetime event, we are going to make these paper stars. These stars are an easy way to get your home looking bright and festive for winter and the long nights ahead. They are also a fun way to practice cutting skills and notice symmetry.


  • 7-10 paper lunch bags
  • Sharp scissors
  • Coloring supplies(optional)
  • Glue sticks
  • String/yarn
  • Hole punch


  1. Optional: color on the paper paper-drawing cool designs and patterns
  2. Place 1st bag flat. Make sure the part of the bag that opens is facing up.
  3. Place glue on the face of the bag. Leave the top ¼ (by where the bag opens) free of glue, but place a lot of glue on the bottom ¾ of the bag
  4. Add another bag on top, making sure that the sealed portions of the bags are facing the same way.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 until all the bags are glued in a pile
  6. Let dry for 1 hour
  7. Stretch the bags out and pull them so that they form a circle. Make sure the two ends can touch. If they can’t add some more bags.
  8. Draw an outline around the top ¼ of the bag to show the design you will cut out. When drawing a design, remember the bag will eventually open making the design 3D
  9. Cut out the design-the bags are thick, and this part might need to be done by an adult!
  10. Peel the bags open and bring them around so that they meet. They will form a circle and become your star! Punch a hole in each of the end bags that meet.
  11. Add string to tie the star closed and make it easier to hang
  12. Hang your star

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