Plugusorul Inspired Magnet Maze
Ages 2 and up

In Romania, children celebrate the new year by going door to door, ringing bells and reciting or singing a mythical story called the Plugusorul. Plugusorul means “little plough,” and it celebrates agrarian work that is the source of food. Children also celebrate Saint Basil(or Vasile in Romanian) a Catholic Saint who brings children gifts on January 1st.  The first day of the year is meant to be joyous and noisy, as carolers visit their neighbors. This merry attitude is thought to bring good luck for the coming year.

This maze offers a taste of this celebration, encouraging kids to learn about magnets at the same time. As kids move their jingle bell through the town, they can experiment to see how close the magnet needs to be to the bell to make it move. Can their magnets make the bell move if they are separated by paper? This fun chance to be little scientists and celebrate the new year.


  • Magnet (or multiple magnets to test out)
  • Metal jingle bell
  • Coloring supplies
  • Paper


  1. Draw your street (or an imaginary one) from an aerial view. Make sure to include wide roads
  2. Place the jingle bell at the start of the roads
  3. Using the magnet, see if you can get the bell to move to each house

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