Pointillism Project
Ages 3 and up


During the month of March, the Museum is displaying the art of local artist Durga Ekambaram in a new exhibit called Intriguing India. Her artwork displays a lot of artistic mediums, including a painting done in method called pointillism. Her piece, Bharathiyar, uses pointillism and is featured on this blog post. 

Can you see small dots?

Can you see any large dots?


Now we are going to create our own masterpiece using pointillism! In order to create your picture, you may have to place the dots close together and not leave any white space between the dots. As you make your pictures, you might want to hold the picture away from your face to see the colors blending. Try to put two different colors by each other and see if your eyes will make the colors blend!



  • Q-tips
  • Paint
  • Paper 



  • Dip your q-tips in paint to make dots on your paper
  • Create a picture out of the dots!
  • Optional: Can you use your finger to make larger dots? In Bharathiyar, Ekambaram mixes small dots with larger dots to make her picture


More Fun

Come check out our new exhibit and see Bharathiyar in person. The Curiosity Shop has a mess free pointillism activity to go with this painting, and you can experiment with optical science by letting your eyes blend the colors in this painting.