Pop-Up Paper Museum
Recommended for ages 4-8

What is your favorite memory in the museum? Since you can’t come visit the museum yet, we thought the museum could come and visit you! Make your very own simple 3D version of the museum to play with! Post a picture of your museum and tag us on social media @discoverygateway!


  • 1 paper museum – printable PDF
  • Art Supplies (crayons, water colors, markers etc.)
  • Scissors



  1. Print out your paper museum
  2. Paint (or color) the museum.
  3. Paint (or color) the paper people. Who is going to visit your museum?
  4. Cut out the museum and the people, only cutting along the solid lines
  5. Fold you’re the paper along the dotted lines
  6. Stand the museum up! Let the paper people have a fun day at the museum


More Fun:

  • We had to fit a lot of fun exhibits into the paper museum! Can you find:
    • The Helicopter?
    • The Honey Climber?
    • The Bank Sign?
    • The Barn?
    • Geri’s House?
    • The Barn?
    • Queen Steve and her bee friends?


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