Q-tip Skeleton
Ages 3 and up

Skeletons aren’t just for Halloween! They are also a fun way to think about how our body moves. By making this fun Q-tip skeleton kids can think about the different bones that are in their bodies, and the way that those bones move. Let’s grab some simple supplies and get started


  • Q-tips
  • Paper for the base (Tip: dark colored paper really makes the white Q-tips stand out)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • White printer paper or white crayon
  • Optional: Skelton picture like the one found here


  1. Using a white crayon or a piece of white paper, make a skull for your skeleton
  2. Use Q-tips to make the bones for the rest of the body. Since some bones are shorter than others, you probably want to cut some of the Q-tips so they are shorter
  3. As you position the bones on the paper, think about how your body actually moves. For example, which way will you knee bend? If you have some questions, you can test things out by moving!
  4. Glue all the pieces down

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