Santa Lucia Day and Orange Pomander
Ages 2 and up

Santa Lucia Day is a Scandinavian Christmas Celebration that happens on Dec 13th.  During Santa Lucia Day, the girls in a family will dress up in crowns made from evergreens and wear a white dress with a red sash. Perhaps the most exciting part of the costume is the candle wreath they wear on their head! Although the candles are usually electric, from the age of 12 real candles may be worn! Representing Saint Lucy, the girls will bring breakfast to their family, be part of a local procession and visit hospitals and the elderly.

Another Christmas tradition from Scandinavia is making Orange pomanders. This tradition dates from the middle ages when pomanders would have been carried around for their great smell. In addition to smelling amazing, the cloves are a great way to make a pretty design on the orange.  The smells and different textures make this a great sensory activity.


  • Orange (or another citrus fruit! You can use any citrus fruit with a. thick skin)
  • Whole cloves with spokes (at least about 15 per orange)


  1. Make sure the orange is rinsed and dried completely
  2. Poke cloves into the orange to let it form a design
  3. Smell! It will smell amazing
  4. Use as a decoration for weeks by placing the orange in a dry location

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