Seed Bomb Egg

One of the funnest things to do in the spring is to have a egg hunt. These seed bomb “eggs” are not only colorful and fun, but any left outside can sprout into a plant for a fun surprise later or plant them in your flower beds and watch them grow!


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● Shredded paper in fun colors
● Blender
● Water
● Flower seeds, native flowers work best
● Molds, cookie cutters, or plastic eggs (optional)


  1. Soak shredded paper in water for 4 hours
  2. Take shredded paper and strain. Put in blender and add a half cup of water. Blend, adding more water as needed. Final product should be pulpy mulch
  3. Take hand full of mulch and squeeze out excess water. You should now have a ball of the paper mulch
  4. Take a seed(try not to put too many seeds into each seed bomb as they won’t sprout right) and place in the middle of mulch ball
  5. Either shape mulch ball into seed shape with hands or use a cookie cutter or plastic egg as a mold to get desired shape
  6. Let mulch ball dry 2 days in dark location(like a closet)
  7. Now the mulch ball is ready to go outside and be “planted” or thrown for a surprise!

More Fun:

●  Make a lot of seed bombs eggs and have a family “egg” hunt outside, hiding the eggs in locations where its ok to plant things. Each family member hides a seed bomb egg. Wait to see what sprouts up!

●  Make seed bomb eggs with paper that was going to be recycled for an eco-friendly craft.