Shaving Cream Marbling
For ages 2 and older

Have you ever opened an old book and been amazed by the marbled paper on the inside? While the paper is beautiful, it could also act as a security measure for important documents. Since the technique of marbling creates a different image every time it is basically impossible to duplicate a marbled image. Therefore, important ledgers would have a marbled edge. If just a single page was missing, it would disrupt the pattern and show evidence of theft!

We can create similar paper at home, by using some simple materials. While you might not need to protect important documents, this paper can become a fun project.


  • Paper
  • 1 can shaving cream
  • 2 or more colors of acrylic paint
  • 2 popsicle sticks
  • Baking sheet
  • Spoon


  • Spray Shaving Cream onto a baking sheet and Spread around until you have an even layer with a flat top
  • Add drops of two or more colors of paint on top of the shaving cream, making sure dots don’t touch
  • Using a Popsicle stick, make a large “S” pattern vertically throughout the Shaving cream layer
  • Make several larger “S” patterns horizontally
  • Place paper gently on top of shaving cream and press down gently. Note: Paper should not sink into the shaving cream, but stay on the surface
  • Lift Paper from shaving cream
  • Scrape off excess shaving cream with a leftover popsicle stick
  • Let dry one hour

More Fun:

  • Check out this video about a professional marbling workshop here!

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