Spring Plant Prints

Now that everything outside is blooming it’s the perfect time to make plant art, which could also be a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day! This activity preserves the image of the plants on a beautiful background and is also a good chance to experiment with art activities that use multiple different tools to make a single piece of artwork, also known as mixed media art!


• Flowers or leaves
• Thick Black paint (like tempera or acrylic)
• Watercolor paints
• Paper (thicker paper is better)
• Brush or sponge


1. Using watercolors, pick one or several colors and use the brush or sponge to paint them in thick, hazy stripes on your paper. Let dry for at least 30 minutes, until the paper is mostly dry
2. Put the black paint on a plate in a thin circle, making sure that the painted circle is larger than your leaf or flower
3. Dip one side of the leaf or flower gently into black paint
4. Put the leaf or flower paint side down onto the watercolor paper, and gently press
5. Lift leaf or flower off the paper in one swift motion
6. Optional: repeat steps 3-5 with another plant or flower on the same paper
7. Let dry

More Fun:
• Try doing this activity with kitchen herbs, roses, lilacs or other plants that have a distinctive smell. As you press the flower into the paper, the scent will be released.
• Did you know the Victorians used to send each other messages in flowers? Learn all about it here and pick a bouquet or draw a picture of a secret flower message for someone