Sweet Bunny Face Treats

Thanks for participating in our virtual Bunny Hop this week, we hope you’ve had as much fun as we have! Today we are going to do some fancy food art. So many of the items in our kitchen have an interesting shape or color, and other items can be sliced into any shape you want. Take some time to notice the shape, texture and color of the items we are using today. Also feel free to improvise, we know not everyone will have the exact ingredients at home. Here, we substituted a blueberry for the strawberry. Once you are all done, you will have a work of art that you can eat!


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● Apple
● Banana
● Yogurt or Peanut Butter
● Carrot
● Raisins
● A Strawberry


Sweet Bunny Face

  1. Cut the apples into circular slices. Remove any core from the center of the slices
  2. Place one apple slice on plate
  3. Cut the banana into quarters, Use 2 quarters for ears at the top of the apple slice for bunny ears
  4. Spread the apples slice with peanut butter or yogurt or both!
  5. Add two raisins as eyes
  6. Cut off the top of the strawberry
  7. Slice strawberry in half
  8. Put half of the strawberry as the nose
  9. Cut the carrot into thin slices
  10. Use carrot slices to make whiskers
  11. Name your bunny(optional)
  12. Eat your creation

More Fun

●  What else can you make out of food? Can you give your bunny a purse, a bow tie, some fancy glasses or other cool items?

●  What is your bunny’s name and story? Can you make up a neat song about them?