Astronaut Boot Camp!

Tasty Constellations
Ages 2 and up

This tasty snack is a great way to learn about the stars! Constellations provide landmarks in the night sky and can help stargazers and serious astronomers locate and understand astrological events.  In ancient times, people would have relied on knowledge of constellations as a calendar and navigation tool. Today, knowing about constellations is still useful scientific knowledge, and also might be a good excuse to eat some marshmallows.



  • Constellation chart found here
  • Marshmallows 
  • Pretzel sticks (or toothpicks for a non-edible project)


  1. Look at the constellation chart and pick a constellation to create
  2. Using the marshmallows as stars, arrange the marshmallows so they mimic the shape of the constellation
  3. Connect all the stars with pretzel sticks so they keep their shape
  4. Enjoy a yummy snack


It’s Black History Month!
Each of our STEAM Learning Labs this month will highlight an important figure in Black History.  Harriet Tubman is famous for her role as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Since enslaved people would often travel on the Railroad at night, they would use their knowledge of the North Star to help them navigate on their journey to freedom. Read more about it here.