The Food Rainbow
Ages 2-6

Fresh produce comes in a wide variety of bright colors, and it’s healthy too! Next time you’re at the store with the little ones try to pay attention to the colors of all the food you’re getting.  Different colored fruits and vegetables have different nutrients. A fun way to teach kids this idea is to promote eating an entire rainbow as a way to get the most nutrients. Get them excited to learn about fresh foods as they categorize carrots and sort citrus in this simple and fun activity.


  • Groceries!
  • Basic marker set
  • Paper



Food comes in all sorts of different shapes and colors. Let’s see if we can categorize, or sort, our groceries into their colors!

  1. Start by trying to think of the different colors there are. Set aside a square on the table for each color and place a colored piece of paper in each square for reference.
  2. Begin pulling out groceries and challenge kids to put each into the right group. Are there any that are multiple colors?
  3. Before putting away everything take a look at the different groups of groceries. Ask questions like “which color has the most groceries?”, “which group looks the healthiest?”, and “tastiest?”. Use this as a chance to talk about different food groups and their importance. All those leafy greens aren’t just the same color, they all contain key vitamins to keep us healthy too!
  4. Now that you’re all done, be sure to enlist the help of your master sorter to sort the food into the fridge!


More Fun:

  • Want to keep categorizing? Try shapes, sizes, or even the food pyramid! What other ways can you think to make groups?
  • The monochrome meal challenge: Can you make a whole meal out of just red things? What about green?

Got a while before your next grocery run? Cutout these food cards to make a little sorting card game instead.


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