Today we are celebrating Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Join our friends at Mark Miller Subaru for a virtual storytime and then make this great Dr. Seuss Day art project!


Dr Seuss Day: Truffula Tree Painting
Sensory Activity-great for ages 3 and up with adult


  • Apple or Potato
  • Acrylic or craft paint in multiple colors tip: using red, yellow and blue for this activity can be a great way to learn about primary colors and secondary colors!
  •  Paper


  1. Have an adult slice the potato or apple into smaller cubes (about the width of  dice, although for younger children you may want to cut bigger cubes)
  2. Set out paint on a tray or plate
  3. Dip cubes in paint and lightly press the cube onto paper to make a square. Make a row of vertical squares to make a tree trunk of Truffula Tree. Alternate/mix colors as desired
  4. Repeat Step 3, making multiple tree trunks
  5. Discard cubes. Use your fingers to add tufts of leaves at the top of the Tree Trunks and grass below!


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