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Sensory Activity – Fun for Everyone!

This time of the year we are all thinking about how to eat a little healthier. This activity is a great way to get kids to play with their food! By using veggies as a paintbrush and offering a variety of dipping sauces kids can be tempted to try out foods with new textures.


  • Dipping sauces (ranch, salad dressing, salsa, guacamole, pesto, buffalo sauce, mustard, hummus, spaghetti sauce etc.)
  • Veggies! (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cherry tomatoes, spinach, green beans, mushrooms etc.)
  • Tortilla


  1. Place sauces in small containers, cups, or arrayed on a plate like a paint tray
  2. Place a mixture of veggies for kids to experiment with
  3. Put out a tortilla to use as a canvas
  4. Make art! Which veggies make a good paintbrush? What can you paint?
  5. Optional-add veggies to the picture. What veggie shapes make good additions to the painting kids are working on?
  6. Clean up! Eat your masterpiece, and the brushes!

More Fun:

  • Try painting a tortilla with fruit and sweet sauces like yogurt and jam
  • Can you recreate a masterpiece? Kids looking for a challenge might enjoy making Van Gogh’s Starry Night