Watch a Seed Grow
Ages 2 and up

During Springtime we are surrounded by plants beginning to grow. Today, we are going to set up a science lab on our window. By using a clear plastic bag, kids can watch what happens to a seed when it sprouts under the dirt. This is a great way to take a process that can feel mysterious and use a science experiment to understand it better. This easy experiment is especially great for young kids since they can do all the steps themselves!

Kid planting seeds


  • Plastic Ziploc Bag
  • Tape 
  • Window 
  • 2 Dry Beans (careful to not let young children eat dry beans)
  • Paper Towel or napkin
  • Sharpie 



  1. Take a paper towel and fold it so it will fit in half of a plastic bag
  2. Get the paper towel damp and place it in the bag
  3. Take 2 beans and place them in the bag so they are nestled on top of the paper towel, but still visible through the plastic on one side of the bag 
  4. Close the bag almost all the way, but leave a small opening on one side
  5. Tape the bag to the window, with the side the shows the bean facing into the house tip: a sunny window will help the plant sprout faster
  6. Optional: write the date your “planted” the beans 
  7. Check the progress of the beans everyday-how long does it take for them to grow?


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