Zombie Carrots
Ages 2-8

When cooking with vegetables there can be a lot of parts that are left over. Instead of throwing them away, try this fun experiment. We will take seemingly dead vegetables and bring them “back to life! “  Vegetable scraps from some vegetables will still be able to sprout, and this offers a good chance to teach young kids about the conditions needed for plants to grow.


  • Carrot top (greens removed) from 1 whole carrot
  • Saucer or flat plate
  • Sunny location



  1. Optional: chop up carrot and have a snack. Leave a couple inches at the top of the carrot.
  2. Take saucer and add a small amount of water so that the bottom is about a half full
  3. Place the carrot in the saucer, with the bottom (part where the leaves weren’t growing from) sitting in water.
  4. Place the saucer in a sunny window
  5. Wait-and watch-for the carrot to grow new tops!
  6. Optional: plant the carrot, and watch the lacey green tops grow.

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