Van Gogh Portraits: Color Pencil Class

Make your very own portrait inspired by Van Gogh! Using line technique, children will be able to explore texture and color use in this led art class! *Free with admission to museum

STEAM Learning Lab – Leaf Color Chemistry

Looking outside we can see the first leaves starting to change color as fall begins. While kids understand that leaves changing colors (and falling off trees) is something that happens every autumn, and some may even understand that this happens from a lack of chlorophyll, this is a great experiment to really help them understand how leaves get their colors.

Roll & Color

Join us in the STEAM Lab for science-focused experiences!

D is for Dime: Color Shop

Class Name Fridays | 12, 2, & 3 pm In this class children will explore numbers and other pre-math concepts, use coins, and pretend money, as children learn how money works. This is a developmentally appropriate approach to financial literacy for young children. For children ages 3 years and older. Parents must remain with their […]

Pumpkin Pie Craft

Join us in the STEAM Studio for inquiry-based, participant-focused, and engaging programs!