Outdoor Explorers Summer Camp

Outdoor Explorers – Ages 5-9 June 7-June 11 8:30am-4:30pm The great outdoors is calling! Summers in Utah encourage us to head out into the wondrous playgrounds of our mountains, lakes, and deserts. Join us as we craft sand art, untangle a knotted food chain, and compete in the EAC (Extreme Animal Championships), and you’ll be […]

Little Summer Scientist II | Age 3 – 6

Experiments and exploration abound in our second set of little scientist activities. Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering take center stage in this 3-day activity package as we build, create, and explore!

Outdoor Explorers | Age 6 – 9

From water and weather to plants and animals, join us as we explore the wonderful world of plant Earth. A craft, experiment, and game are included in each day of this 5-day activity set.