STEAM Learning Lab – Scottish Shortbread

Scottish Shortbread Fun (and delicious) for all ages Happy New Year! Now is the perfect time to celebrate the tradition of Hogmanay. According to this tradition, the first person to step foot into your house in the New Year decides the fortunes for the rest of the year. In order to bring the best possible […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Plugusorul Inspired Magnet Maze

Plugusorul Inspired Magnet Maze Ages 2 and up In Romania, children celebrate the new year by going door to door, ringing bells and reciting or singing a mythical story called the Plugusorul. Plugusorul means “little plough,” and it celebrates agrarian work that is the source of food. Children also celebrate Saint Basil(or Vasile in Romanian) […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Masked Party

Masked Party Fun for Everyone Nigeria is a very diverse country, with many distinct cultures that all have their own traditions and celebrations. New Years’ is a celebration that brings everyone together. Throughout the country, people gather to watch plays, wrestle and enjoy masked parties. These masked events often involve men in the community wearing […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Kadomatsu

Kadomatsu Ages 2 and up The tradition of Kadomatsu has been around a long time. Connecting to the Shinto concept of kami, Kadomatsu are decorations that people place outside their front door from December 26-January 7th. Made from local materials like bamboo, pine and ume tree springs, Kadomatsu show excitement for the New Year and […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Paper Stars

Paper Stars Ages 2 and up Happy Solstice! Were you able to have the chance to go stargazing? This is especially fun this year because of a rare astronomical event nicknamed “The Christmas Star.” For the first time in 400 years, Saturn and Jupiter will appear to align in the night sky. Of course, the […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Birdseed Decorations

Birdseed Decorations Ages 3 and up Backyard bird feeders can be a great way to stay in touch with nature all winter long. Although we may enjoy playing in the snow, for birds winter can be difficult. For our feathered friends it takes extra energy to stay warm and food is harder to find. By […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Kwanzaa Wreath

Kwanzaa Wreath Ages 2 and up with an adult Happy Kwanzaa! Kwanzaa begins on Dec 26th and goes until January 1st. We are excited to work with our partners to get some great ideas for celebrating! To learn more about the seven principles and hear some great storytelling, check out the video! We are going […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Hanukkah Paper Dreidel

Hanukkah Paper Dreidel Ages 4 and up Hanukkah Sameach! While Hanukkah began on Dec 10th, there are still 4 days left to celebrate! Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration of a miracle that happened long ago. In 168 BCE, Greek invaders had taken over a temple in Jerusalem. According to the story, the temple was recaptured […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Diwali

Diwali is a Hindu celebration of light. As we continue our celebration of Diwali we are going to be making marigold flowers to decorate.  During Diwali, people use marigolds to decorate because of the color and the scent. The bright smell is believed to help improve mood, and the vibrant color brings good luck.

STEAM Learning Lab – Leaf Dragonflies

Today we are going to use fallen leaves to make art! While our tutorial is going to focus on using leaves to make a dragonfly, different leaf shapes can be used to make a lot of different animals. This activity is great for the whole family because both younger and older children can find it challenging and enjoyable!

STEAM Learning Lab – Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday where people remember loved ones who have died. One common food item is Pan de Muerto, which means bread of the dead. This sweet bread is usually shaped like bones and is flavored with orange zest or anise. Make it today in our STEAM Learning Lab.

STEAM Learning Lab – Let’s Vote!

Voting is an important part of being an American. For our last political activity before the election, we are going to be filling out a pretend ballot. Kids can vote for one of our fictional candidates or write in a different name.  This is a great chance to talk to kids about how you fill out a ballot and when you vote!

STEAM Learning Lab – Make a Bat

Halloween offers us a fun excuse to talk about bats. Bats are amazing! There are over 1400 species of bats. While we are familiar with black bats for Halloween, they come in a lot of different colors and can be brown, gray red, and even white. Bats are responsible for pollinating plants and also getting rid of harmful bugs, like mosquitos.