STEAM Learning Lab – Paper Helicopter

If you have ever made a paper airplane, you know the best part is seeing how well it can fly! You can also make a helicopter out of paper! When you drop the paper helicopter it will spin down to the ground.

STEAM Learning Lab – The Food Rainbow

Fresh produce comes in a wide variety of bright colors, and it’s healthy too! Next time you’re at the store with the little ones try to pay attention to the colors of all the food you’re getting.  Different colored fruits and vegetables have different nutrients. A fun way to teach kids this idea is to promote eating an entire rainbow as a way to get the most nutrients.

STEAM Learning Lab – Bee Rockets

Today we are going to make objects fly with air pressure! Air takes up space, just like all matter, and when it pushes on something it can have a big effect! Here at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum, we can see this happening in the ball tubes in our Pollinator. The plastic balls are heavier than air, but the air can still push them through the tubes by putting pressure on them.

STEAM Learning Lab – Stained Glass Window

Have you been inside a building with stained glass? Where was it? Stained-glass combines colored pieces of glass to make pictures. The light that comes through the glass appears to have changed color! Since stained glass is usually colored by different minerals, the addition of those minerals changes the way light passes through the glass. We can mimic this affect anytime we change how light passes through a clear object.

STEAM Learning Lab – The Buzz on Bees

Today, we are visiting The Farm here in the museum. Tucked into the corner of Kid’s Eye View, The Farm lets museum visitors ride a horse, care for crops and tend to some broody chickens. We especially love the picture of a cute piggy, so today we are going to make a cute piggy of our very own!

STEAM Learning Lab – Piggy Pinch Pots

Today, we are visiting The Farm here in the museum. Tucked into the corner of Kid’s Eye View, The Farm lets museum visitors ride a horse, care for crops and tend to some broody chickens. We especially love the picture of a cute piggy, so today we are going to make a cute piggy of our very own!

STEAM Learning Lab – Hexagon Bubbles

A hexagon is a shape with 6 sides. Can you think of anywhere in nature that you might be able to find hexagons? They are all over the place! Snowflakes, turtle shells, insect eyes, pineapples, and the honeycombs in beehives all contain hexagons! This is because the hexagon is a very efficient shape. When bees make their honeycombs, the cells are shaped like this because it doesn’t waste any space. Today we are going to make our own hexagons with bubbles!

STEAM Learning Lab – A Mask for Me and My Friend!

Today we are going to teach you how to make an easy no-sew mask with just a t-shirt you no longer use or want and some scissors. To protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 the CDC now recommends wearing cloth face covering when in public to help keep ourselves and others safe. Wearing masks along with handwashing, coughing into your sleeve, and continuing to social distance are all ways we can stay healthy and safe.

STEAM Learning Lab – Pop-Up Paper Museum

What is your favorite memory in the museum? Since you can’t come visit the museum yet, we thought the museum could come and visit you! Make your very own simple 3D version of the museum to play with! Post a picture of your museum and tag us on social media!

STEAM Learning Lab – Instrument Adventures

DGCM has a long history of supporting local artists. This year, in spite of needing to social distance, we are supporting artists by joining with the Mundi Project to present online concerts throughout the summer. These concerts will be an interactive experience for the whole family.

STEAM Learning Lab – Leaves and Leaf Rubbings

Today we’re going to do a fun project and learn about leaves, which are a very important part of a plant. Leaves are how a plant makes its own food! Leaves turn sunlight into food for the plant through a process called photosynthesis. They use a chemical called chlorophyll to do this, and that chemical is what makes the leaves green. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes of leaves, but they all do the same things and have the same parts.

STEAM Learning Lab – Ice Fishing

While it may be getting warmer in Utah, in some parts of the world it is still cold and snowy. At the South Pole, the warmest temperature ever recorded was nine degrees Fahrenheit! This is good news for animals who love the cold, and also for snowmen. After all, only heat can melt the snow and ice, right? Let’s try a little experiment to find out more!

STEAM Learning Lab – Planets and Moons

Today we are exploring planets, moons and gravity! It’s not just the planets and stars that have gravitational pull! Everything in the universe, even you, has a pull just their own gravitational pull! Amplify that pull and learn about gravity and orbits with this silly game.

STEAM Learning Lab – Earth Balloon Painting

Let’s paint a picture of our planet, as seen from space! This activity is a great way to try painting with some different materials. The half-filled balloons present a fun challenge and lets your child play with the shapes that the balloon makes on the paper. The round shape of the Earth works well with the circular “brush strokes” of the balloon.

STEAM Learning Lab – Spring Plant Prints

Now that everything outside is blooming, it’s the perfect time to make plant art! This could also be a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day! This activity preserves the image of the plants on a beautiful background. It is also a good chance to experiment with art activities that use multiple, different tools to make a single piece of artwork-also known as mixed media art!

STEAM Learning Lab – Inverted Plastic Bottle Planter

Happy Earth Day! Today we are partnering with the American Chemical Society to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Find some fun activities on their website  To show some love for the planet we are going to recycle a plastic bottle into a self-watering planter. This easy to maintain planter makes a great place to watch fruits and vegetables grow

STEAM Learning Lab – Bubble Wrap Art Prints

Welcome to Earth Week! This is a time to celebrate the Earth and also see what we can do help the environment. Earth Week is an opportunity to talk to your children about respecting the environment and see what changes you and your family can make to help the Earth. Earth Day is April 22nd, and it’s the 50th anniversary, so make sure to do something special to celebrate, and we’re here to help with lots of fun activities!

STEAM Learning Lab – Family Friday

Thanks so much for participating in Week of the Young Child with us! For our last day, we are talking about families. Everyone’s family is special and unique, so we chose projects that can help you learn a little bit more about your family. We have two guests who have created fun projects that you can do with your family at home.