STEAM Learning Lab – The Food Rainbow

Fresh produce comes in a wide variety of bright colors, and it’s healthy too! Next time you’re at the store with the little ones try to pay attention to the colors of all the food you’re getting.  Different colored fruits and vegetables have different nutrients. A fun way to teach kids this idea is to promote eating an entire rainbow as a way to get the most nutrients.

STEAM Learning Lab – Bee Rockets

Today we are going to make objects fly with air pressure! Air takes up space, just like all matter, and when it pushes on something it can have a big effect! Here at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum, we can see this happening in the ball tubes in our Pollinator. The plastic balls are heavier than air, but the air can still push them through the tubes by putting pressure on them.

STEAM Learning Lab – Stained Glass Window

Have you been inside a building with stained glass? Where was it? Stained-glass combines colored pieces of glass to make pictures. The light that comes through the glass appears to have changed color! Since stained glass is usually colored by different minerals, the addition of those minerals changes the way light passes through the glass. We can mimic this affect anytime we change how light passes through a clear object.