STEAM Learning Lab – Move Like a Dinosaur Game

As we get ready to move like our reptilian friends, let us pause to consider the weird and exceptional example of Spinosaurus. Talk about how different dinosaurs moved and use this game as a fun excuse to get ourselves moving!

STEAM Learning Lab – Dinosaur Skeleton

The Allosaurus is Utah’s very own state fossil. This large carnivorous dinosaur lived during the Late Jurassic Period. The Allosaurus, which means “different lizard,” was discovered in 1877, and scientists were surprised by its hollow vertebrae.

STEAM Learning Lab – Rosh Hashanah Yarn Apples

Rosh Hashanah is a Jewish Holiday that literally means “head of the year.” It is always the 1st day of the 7th month in the Jewish Calendar, which means it falls sometime in September or October.

STEAM Learning Lab – Shaving Cream Marbling

Have you ever opened an old book and been amazed by the marbled paper on the inside? While the paper is beautiful, it could also act as a security measure for important documents. Learn about this fun technique in today’s STEAM Learning Lab!

STEAM Learning Lab – Leaf Color Chemistry

Looking outside we can see the first leaves starting to change color as fall begins. While kids understand that leaves changing colors (and falling off trees) is something that happens every autumn, and some may even understand that this happens from a lack of chlorophyll, this is a great experiment to really help them understand how leaves get their colors.

STEAM Learning Lab – Jacob Lawrence City Scape

Today we are celebrating the birthday of famous artist, Jacobs Lawrence. Lawrence was born on September 7th, 1917 and is one of the best known African-American painters of the 20th century. Throughout his life, he found ways to help teach others in his community, and also to capture daily life in New York and Harlem.

STEAM Learning Lab – Pinecone Weather Station

It is a perfect time for a walk as fall approaches! No matter your age, nature walks can be a great chance to practice science in a fun way. It is an especially valuable way to introduce very young children to scientific inquiry. Today, we are going to be setting up a science experiment with pinecones.

STEAM Learning Lab – Learning About Candidates!

From now until the presidential election we are going to have a monthly lesson about how the election process works! Last month we talked about registering to vote, and this month we are talking about the candidates!

STEAM Learning Lab – No-Mess Masterpiece

Paint is amazing but can be messy. This activity uses plastic wrap to create a clean version of fingerpainting. This activity is also sensory friendly and can allow children to feel the sensation of wet paint while staying clean.

STEAM Learning Lab – Make your own Harmonica

We all know that music can be a great way to connect art and science. Today’s Harmonicas not only look cool but are a great chance to think about how a Harmonica works. Just like a real, metal harmonica, our Harmonica will rely on air being forced to pass around an object and create a vibration.

STEAM Learning Lab – Marble Runs

How do people build roller coasters? How do they know they won’t get stuck somewhere on the track? Physicists have to carefully design coasters to ensure that they are not only fun but safe as well! In this activity, we make our own coasters and attach them to our walls.

STEAM Learning Lab – Garden Terrarium

Did you know that Discovery Gateway partners with Girl Scouts to offer online STEAM activities? This past week we learned how to make 4 friendship bracelets.

Children’s Festival To-Go!

This year, the 2020 World Connections Children’s Festival will be a new, virtual experience. Children’s Festival To-Go! invites you to celebrate the diverse cultures in Utah by joining us on a road trip across the state and sharing new virtual experiences.

STEAM Learning Lab – Kitchen Utensil Bubble Wands

This is a fun experiment that is perfect for a hot summer day.  It’s also a good way to get even the youngest children thinking like a scientist, and reinforcing that science is fun!  By doing this informal experiment your children will learn about making predictions, designing experiments and comparing the results.

STEAM Learning Lab – Simple Machines

Today we are learning about simple machines. Simple machines are devices with few or no moving parts that make work easier. Without the help of simple machines, a lot of the things we do would be much more difficult!

STEAM Learning Lab – Healthy Frozen Treats

Summer in Utah is warming up fast! A great way to beat the heat is with a cool and yummy treat! This is a fun way to get your kids into in the kitchen to help you make something healthy and delicious. You can you use many different kinds of fruit and fun molds, so get creative and stay cool!

STEAM Learning Lab – Bee Hotel

Do you know that 90% of bees are solitary bees? Unlike Queen Steve and her hive, solitary bees live alone out in the wild. Solitary bees don’t make honey, but they are responsible for pollinating a majority of wild plants and 30% of agricultural crops.

STEAM Learning Lab – Silly Mural Walk

Murals are a painting that is painted directly onto a wall. The Gateway Center is home to our museum, and also the most murals of any block in Salt Lake City. This month, Discovery Gateway has commissioned local artist, Sharilyn Shumway, to add a mural on our first floor.

STEAM Learning Lab – Red, White and Blue Slime

Engineers make buildings of all shapes and sizes, but most of them start with the same basic building blocks. Learn about different shapes and discover which are the strongest in this simple building activity.

STEAM Learning Lab – Tricky Triangles

Engineers make buildings of all shapes and sizes, but most of them start with the same basic building blocks. Learn about different shapes and discover which are the strongest in this simple building activity.

STEAM Learning Lab – Paper Helicopter

If you have ever made a paper airplane, you know the best part is seeing how well it can fly! You can also make a helicopter out of paper! When you drop the paper helicopter it will spin down to the ground.

STEAM Learning Lab – The Food Rainbow

Fresh produce comes in a wide variety of bright colors, and it’s healthy too! Next time you’re at the store with the little ones try to pay attention to the colors of all the food you’re getting.  Different colored fruits and vegetables have different nutrients. A fun way to teach kids this idea is to promote eating an entire rainbow as a way to get the most nutrients.