The Utah School for the Blind White Cane Day Celebration

The Utah School for the Blind will host its 2017 White Cane Day celebration at Discovery Gateway Children's Museum on Friday, October 13 from 4-7 pm.

The purpose of White Cane Day is to educate the world about blindness. "White Cane Day is a holiday that allows our students of all ages and abilities to come together and teach the community about all the possibilities that are available for people with vision impairments," adds Robbin Clark, Expanded Core Curriculum Coordinator for Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.

This year, the Utah School for the Blind selected Discovery Gateway Children's Museum as a venue for White Cane Day because its mission aligns with the school's mission to bring more opportunities for STEM education to students with vision impairments, and the museum's popularity among families allows for increased visibility. "We are pleased to partner with the Utah School for the Blind to host White Cane Day to raise awareness for the school, while bringing additional science learning opportunities to our whole community," said Discovery Gateway's Executive Director Laurie Hopkins.

The theme of White Cane Day 2017 is The Science of Mobility. The school will highlight mobility trainings, showcase several types of white canes, and facilitate hands-on STEM activities for those with and without vision impairments.

The school has four main divisions: Parent Infant Program (early intervention), Deafblind services, Campus programs and Outreach (which serves students throughout the state of Utah). All four divisions are invited to participate in the White Cane Day event at Discovery Gateway, and more than 300 people have registered from across the state. There will be braille and large print signs for each exhibit, tactile pathways for students to follow with their canes and assistive technology opportunities to better access exhibits. There will also be hands-on activities for students, their families, and the community throughout the museum. Discovery Gateway Children's Museum patrons are invited to participate in activities. The event is included with museum admission.

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