Watercolor Geode
Ages 3 and up

Have you ever seen inside a Geode? Ordinary looking on the outside, geodes form when a bubble inside a volcanic or sedimentary rock leave a hollow spot in the rock. Minerals or crystals grow after the rock is formed. Some geodes can take up to 1000 years to grow, and many never completely fill the cavity inside the rock. 

Geodes are also famous for their bright colors. The colors are determined by the type of minerals inside the rock. Since different minerals produce different colors, geodes can have interesting bands of color. We are going to recreate their bright colors today using markers and water. 


  • Thick paper(watercolor or construction paper will work best)
  • Markers
  • Cup of water 
  • Q-tips (or a paintbrush)


  1. Draw your geode my making nesting circles with your marker. Make sure to leave a little white space between each circle.  Your circles won’t be perfectly round and that will make a perfect Geode shape! 
  2. Get your q-tip or paintbrush wet
  3. Apply water to your drawing, tracing the circle shapes. The colors will smudge together!
  4. Let dry on a flat surface

More Fun 

We think this Geode cake might be too pretty to eat