Week of the Young Child: Music Monday with PNC Grow up Great









Week of the Young Child: Music Monday with PNC Grow up Great. 

Fun for young children and their caregivers

This week, The Museum is celebrating early childhood education with NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child. We will have activities on the blog, and in the museum, all week that will offer some fun tips for educating young children. 

Today is Music Monday. Here is a simple list of some easy music activities you can do at home with your children: 

  • Sing songs with rhymes as a way to teach language skills. Rhymes teach young children about word families (words with common endings) and are an important early literacy tool. 
  • Get up and move with some music! Playing games like “freeze dance” are a good way to be active as a family. Even having a simple dance party can help get those wiggles out!
  • Try singing and making music in different rooms in the house! Does music sound different in the your bedroom versus a bathroom or a garage? Learning about acoustics can be a great chance to introduce some science into your day!

Check out this music lesson from our partner PNC Grow up Great ! It has some easy suggestions for teaching kids all about pitch.

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