Week of the Young Child with PNC Grow up Great






Week of the Young Child: Tasty Tuesday with PNC Grow up Great. 

Fun for young children and their caregivers

This week, The Museum is celebrating early childhood education with NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child. We will have activities on the blog, and in the museum, all week that will offer some fun tips for educating young children. 

Its time to put on that apron and find those measuring cups, because today is Tasty Tuesday. Many young children love to help prepare food in the kitchen. This natural interest in cooking can be a great way to introduce children to scientific concepts. 

There are many scientific concepts that are demonstrated when we make a meal. Cooking food is a great way to showcase the way ingredients can change as their molecules slow down or speed up when heat is applied. It can also demonstrate how different ingredients combined can produce a totally new product. Finally, cooking is all about making scientific predictions and analyzing results. Read more about an easy kitchen experiment involving pancakes at PNC Grow Up Great.

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