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NEW NASA Lunar Rock & Meteorite Certification 

Tuesday, August 7 | 9 am – 2:30 pm | $10 per person 


An instructor from NASA will be coming to take teachers, museum educators, and librarians through a certification process to take part in the Lunar and Meteorite Sample Disk Program (https://ares.jsc.nasa.gov/interaction/lmdp/). This special workshop will be hosted by Clark Planetarium and Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. It will also include a show in the Hansen Dome Theater and training on a Micrometeorite Gathering Lab. Lunch will be provided. Please meet at the Clark Planetarium at 9:00AM on August 7, 2018.

For USBE credit, sign up for this course on MIDAS using ID# 40758.


Chain Reaction 


Chain Reaction was developed to support teachers through informative, hands-on science training, as well as through supplemental materials for use in the classroom. This Teacher Professional Training Development (TPD) program covers standard I of the fifth-grade science core—matter, physical changes, and chemical reactions. Chain Reaction is funded by the Utah State Legislature with oversight by the Utah State Board of Education through the Informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE) grant. Discovery Gateway is committed to providing innovative, educational science experiences and matches the funds provided by the iSEE grant. Discovery Gateway’s mission is to inspire children of all ages to imagine, discover, and connect with their world to make a difference. Through Chain Reaction, we bring our mission to the classroom by empowering teachers and students to embrace and explore science education.

Workshop Break Down
Chain Reaction is free for public school teachers. It is a three-hour long workshop held at Discovery Gateway children’s museum in downtown Salt Lake City, or at a location designated by a school district. During the workshop, teachers will observe numerous science demonstrations and will also conduct their own experiments. Chain Reaction workshops also provide a forum for teachers to discuss their successes and struggles teaching the science core curriculum. Upon completing the workshop, teachers receive a curriculum binder that includes lab worksheets and lesson plans, resources, and four points toward renewing their educator’s license. Teachers will also receive a Chain Reaction kit valued at over $250 for use in the classroom.

 Chain Reaction Kit

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