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by purchasing a toy from our Gift Store

When you are visiting Downtown Salt Lake City, support the Museum by shopping at our Red Ballon Toy Store gift shop! You’ll find a variety of toys, games, books, and unique items that will make you happy in our store!

Red Ballon Toy Store offers educational toys that promote creativity and critical thinking. Additionally, there is a wide selection of fun games that encourage family bonding. One of the goal at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum is to support children in their learning journey through play. Extending the fun to your sweet Utah home with more kids activities you seen at the museum!

If you need ideas for things to do in Utah, visit our gift store online. We offer a range of products that can inspire your creativity. You can easily shop from home and find the perfect gift or treat for yourself with just a few clicks.

Girl holding Plushy toy at the Red Ballon Toy Store

Gift Shop at the Museum

We are extremely delighted and honored to announce our partnership with the esteemed Red Balloon Toy Store. We collaborated to create a unique shopping destination for people to enjoy. This place offers a wide variety of toys that are both entertaining and educational.

Our partnership with the Red Balloon Toy Store has enabled us to offer an unparalleled shopping experience. The store is designed to be welcoming and engaging, making children and parents feel joyful and inspired as they explore. Our staff are helpful and friendly, always ready to provide expert guidance and suggestions. Every visitor will find the perfect toy for their needs.

We have lots of toys and also hold events and workshops to help kids learn. These include storytelling and science experiments, so children can have fun while growing and gaining knowledge.

Furthermore, our partnership with the Red Balloon Toy Store extends beyond the physical store. We have created a website where people can easily look at and purchase toys from their homes. We have made a website for people to conveniently browse and buy toys from home. Our online store has a diverse selection of top-notch toys, ensuring accessibility for all customers regardless of their location.

Our partnership with Red Balloon Toy Store has created a place for toy lovers. They can find a wide variety of fun and educational toys, get expert advice, and join in exciting events. We are proud to be connected with this well-known and loved store. We will keep offering a great shopping experience for all our customers.

Kid browsing through toys
Boy holding plushy dinosaur at the Red Ballon Toy Store

Gift Shop Activity Idea

Besides the museum, the toy store is also a good place for kids to learn about money. To help your child learn about their preferences, give them a little bit of money to spend at a store. See how they choose to spend it and talk to them about how money affects their decisions.

Every purchase made through the link allows you to give back to the Museum. This includes purchases made online or in-person at the Red Ballon Toy Store in the Children’s Museum. By utilizing the link, customers can conveniently shop for their desired items while simultaneously supporting the Museum’s various initiatives and programs. This chance lets people improve the Museum’s operations and make the experiences it offers better for visitors of all ages.