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Come in to battle at Utah Jazz Catapult in the museum!

All-Star Alliance and Utah Jazz are teaming up to celebrate the 2023 All-Star Game with the Utah Jazz Catapult in the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum.

The exhibit consists of a catapult that allows the user to launch a basketball from the free-throw line of a mini-basketball court and make a basket. Children and parents will learn the science of catapults, potential energy, kinetic energy, and trajectory while challenging each other to find the exact amount of force to get a perfect shot. 

Experience the life of a paleontologist through your child’s eyes in our one-of-a-kind exhibit. Kids can dig for fossils, take them to the lab and identify their find under a microscope, interact with real fossils found in Utah, and learn about kids who have actually discovered dinosaurs. It’s a first of its kind exhibit where kids get to be the paleontologist and get to be hands-on with actual fossils and bones!

Father and son participating at Water Play at the museum

The Water Play exhibit is an interactive and educational experience for children and families. It features a 38-foot water table with nine different components, including a water wall with ramps, wheels, and tipping buckets, a water vortex, and more. Kids can explore and experiment with the different components, learning about the properties of water and the effects of gravity and motion. They can race rivers, create waterfalls, and explore the different ways water can move and interact with the environment. With dozens of educational cues and learning opportunities, the Water Play exhibit is sure to be a fun and educational experience for all.

Water Play

The Mark Miller Subaru Express Service Exhibit engages young children to learn about the science that drives vehicles like the Subaru Ascent. Work under the hood, change the oil, and fill the Ascent with gas! Science is a powerful tool, and with Mark Miller Subaru and the all-new Subaru Ascent’s help, this exhibit is sure to inspire children for generations to come. Exhibit generously sponsored by Mark Miller Subaru

Kid interacting with model ATM machine

The First Utah Bank Discovery Branch Exhibit is located in Kids Eye View between the Farm and Maceys Market. This exhibit teaches children and families about financial literacy, math and recognizing money. It encourages children to build social skills and practice professional communication. Children and adults will love learning through play in this new exhibit, from the ATMs, to the drive through window, the larger than life coin sorter, and shredded money wind tube, there’s so much to explore!

Exhibit generously sponsored by First Utah Bank

First Utah Bank Discovery Branch

Mother and son looking at Garden amazement Exhibit

The Garden exhibit gallery demonstrates the importance of bees and their connection to Utah. Children and adults work together to keep things buzzing in the Garden exhibits featuring the Honey Climber, the Live Hive, and the 30-foot Pollinator!

The Garden

Girl interacting with Sensory Color Marbles

The Story Factory exhibit area offers visitors numerous ways to explore telling a story. Make your own comic strip, learn about social stories, create and perform your own plays on the theater stage, discover the science of color with Colors in Motion or create a picture with our Jumbo Picture Pegs!

Stop by Sensory Room to tickle or relax your body senses through touch boxes, plasma balls, lights, and more.

Sensory Room
Story Factory

Kids playing at helicopter section at the museum

The Saving Lives exhibit features an authentic Life Flight Helicopter, a kid-sized Primary Children’s Emergency Department, and a Life Flight Rescue Hangar. Put your rescue skills to the test as a nurse, surgeon, image tech, pilot, paramedic, command center staff, hoist operator, or an engine mechanic.

Exhibit generously sponsored by Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare Saving Lives