Kids in a field trip lesson at the theater

Afterschool Enhancement Program

Each year Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum partners with five Salt Lake City School District, Title 1 schools as an extension of their school’s afterschool program. Once a week, our afterschool instructor visits each school, bringing a curated STEAM-based lesson that aligns with the 3rd Grade SEEd Standards. This enhancement program allows students to have hands-on opportunities to explore grade-appropriate experiments. Students also enjoy two group visits to the museum during the school year. This is a free program for our schools. 

Currently, we are only serving schools in the Salt Lake City School District and can accommodate five schools each year. 2023-2024 schools have already been solidified. However, If you are interested in adding the DGCM Afterschool Enhancement program to your school’s Afterschool curriculum next year, reach out to Paige Levy for more information and to be added to the waitlist.

SC5-7 2023 RB1

The Afterschool Enhancement Program is made possible by iSEE