Potential Energy


Potential Energy

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Bring More Discovery into Your Kindergarten!

We would like to invite you to schedule a time for our kindergarten science outreach program, 

Potential Energy, to visit your school. 

This program covers the kindergarten Utah Core Science Standard 3 Objective 1.

Program Overview

The Potential Energy program (PEP) is a 45-minute inquiry-based presentation.
Students will participate in hands-on experimentation as well as see demonstrations that show concepts such as gravity, forces, and laws of motion. With guidance from the instructor, students will discover and describe these physics basics without being overwhelmed by complex vocabulary or abstract ideas.

PEP is available to all public and charter schools in the state of Utah for free. Private and parochial schools may request the program for a fee of $200 to cover the cost of program delivery. This fee covers up to three classes (27 students per class). Additional classes are $50 each. Any school more than two hours away from Salt Lake City will require additional travel fees. Priority will be given to public and charter schools.

Potential Energy is funded by the Utah State Board of Education and is part of its iSEE Program.

For more information regarding the Potential Energy Program or to request a visit,

contact our Outreach Team at