Paleontology exhibition at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Dinosaur Exhibit at Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

Start your paleontology career at the dig pit

Use the tools real paleontologists use in the field to chip away at our huge dig pit. Can you unearth any bones?

Experience the only exhibit where you get to be the paleontologist!

Explore the life of a paleontologist through your child’s eyes in our one-of-a-kind exhibit. Kids can dig for fossils, take them to the lab and identify their find under a microscope, interact with real fossils found in Utah, and learn about kids who have actually discovered dinosaurs. It’s a first of its kind exhibit where kids get to be the paleontologist and get to be hands-on with actual fossils and bones!

Do research at the paleontology lab

Bring your bones over to the lab to further inspect them! Use real-world microscopes in a kid-sized lab, complete with lab coats! View real fossil specimens and explore drawers full of fossils and bones.

Study fully articulated dinosaur skeletons

Using kid-sized carts equipped with field jackets, push your bones over to the fully-articulated Utah raptor skeleton and match your bone from the dig pit to the one on the skeleton!