Mundi Project: The (Irish) Jig is Up Concert!

Saturday, March 26th | 2pm-3pm In honor of St. Patrick himself, Brigitta Broadbent and company are bringing all the fiddling, accordion, and tin whistles needed to get you and your little ones dancing the Irish Jig! Learn a traditional dance, Irish folk stories, and more! Free with admission.

Holi Celebration

Friday, March 18th | 10am-6pm Join us for the annual Festival of Love, Colors, and Spring! We’ll be celebrating Holi from 10am-6pm with themed projects in the Art Studio and STEAM lab. At the end of the day, we’ll be joined by Divya’s School of Dance for a traditional Bollywood style performance!

World Snake Day Celebration + Snake Show

Slither into the museum and watch a LIVE reptile show and enjoy some snake crafts ssssure to put a smile on your child’s face! 12:00PM Snake Show *Included with admission  

STEAM Learning Lab – Abstract Leaf Sculpture

  Abstract Leaf Sculpture Ages 5 and up   When Constantin Brancusi arrived in Paris in the early 1900’s he was invited to work with the well-known artist August Rodin. Rodin was famous for being able to create sculptures of humans that looked so detailed that they were lifelike. However, he famously remarked that, “ […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi Yummy for Everyone  Happy Holi! Holi is a Hindu Holiday that celebrates the return of Spring! All over India, and elsewhere, crowds gather to throw brightly colored powder into the air. Check out our ideas from last year about how to have your own celebration at home. As part of your celebration, make […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Watch A Seed Grow

  Watch a Seed Grow Ages 2 and up   During Springtime we are surrounded by plants beginning to grow. Today, we are going to set up a science lab on our window. By using a clear plastic bag, kids can watch what happens to a seed when it sprouts under the dirt. This is […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Cherry Blossom Tree

  Cherry Blossom Tree Ages 3 and up    Now is a great chance to go outside and check out some beautiful blossoms.  In Utah, one of the best places to see some blooms is at the Utah State Capitol.  There are over 400 cherry tree lining the path around The Capitol, and every year […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Pointillism Project

  Pointillism Project Ages 3 and up   During the month of March, the Museum is displaying the art of local artist Durga Ekambaram in a new exhibit called Intriguing India. Her artwork displays a lot of artistic mediums, including a painting done in method called pointillism. Her piece, Bharathiyar, uses pointillism and is featured […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Pi Day Picnic

  Pi Day Picnic Great for kids 3 and up with an adult   We like to celebrate Pi Day with a side of Pie. 3.14, or Pi, is roughly the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter. What better way to help people remember then celebrating March 14th with a perfect […]

STEAM Learning Lab – A Snow Day Celebration

A Snow Day Celebration Winter can be a great time to stay inside curled up with a good book, but it can also be a great chance to experience Utah’s famous snow!  A Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats seems to perfectly capture the fun that can be had playing in the snow. It can […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Sweet Bunny Face Treats

Thanks for participating in our virtual Bunny Hop! Today we are going to do some fancy food art. So many of the items in our kitchen have an interesting shape or color and other items can be sliced into any shape you want. Take some time to notice the shape, texture and color of the items we are using today. Once you are all done, you will have a yummy treat!

STEAM Learning Lab – Homemade Easter Baskets

Hoppy spring! At the Museum we usually celebrate spring with our annual Bunny Hop Event. Because we are not able to do the event this year, we decided to bring the party to you online! This week we’ll be posting fun activities for you and your family to do so you can have your very own Bunny Hop at home.

STEAM Learning Lab – Moon Phases

Tuesday, April 7th will have the first full moon of Spring 2020! It will appear at roughly the same time as flowers are blooming and therefore is nicknamed the “pink moon.” Use this creative project to learn more about the lunar cycle and make some wall art at the same time!

STEAM Learning Lab – Optical Illusion

Happy April Fools’ Day! Did you know that your own eyes can play tricks on you? While the retina of your eye can perceive visual changes pretty fast, images linger for around one-tenth to one-twentieth of a second. This is called the “persistence of vision.” Making a Thaumatrope is a way to trick your own eyes by blurring 2 images together!

*Cancelled* Holi Celebration

Holi or the “festival of colors” is a popular holiday celebrated all over India! Join us for this family-friendly, cultural celebration that signifies the arrival of spring, love, joy and offers us a day to connect, play and laugh with others! Enjoy hands-on art activities, dance performances, henna, and Salt Lake City’s first color throw!

STEAM Learning Lab – Holi Celebration

Holi is a traditional Hindu festival, which celebrates the return of spring. A big part of this celebration is the color throw. This is a wonderful activity to share with the whole family! No matter your age everyone will enjoy  this festival of colors! So get ready to have your own Holi celebration at home, here are two fun activities to get the party started!

New Year’s Day Celebration!

Happy New Year! Children and families will be invited to create banjos from Tonga, play Italian Bingo, and experience New Year traditions from Nigeria, Peru, Mexico, and more!

Kwanzaa Celebration

Included with Admission or FREE for Members.
Kwanzaa celebrates African heritage, unity, and culture! Join us in exploring the traditions of Kwanzaa at Discovery Gateway through hands-on activities such as basket weaving and necklace making.

Hanukkah Celebration

Spin the dreidel and light the Menorah! We’re celebrating Hanukkah at Discovery Gateway!